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Quantifying genome-specific carbon fixation in a 750 meter deep subsurface hydrothermal microbial community

Coskun ÖK, Gomez-Saez GV, Beren M, Özcan D, Günay SD, Elkin V, Hosgörmez H, Einsiedl F, Eisenreich W, Orsi WD

FEMS Microbiology Ecology, fiae062


Carbon metabolism and biogeography of candidate phylum “Candidatus Bipolaricaulota” in geothermal environments of Biga Peninsula, Turkey

Coskun ÖK, Gomez-Saez GV, Beren M, Özcan D, Hosgörmez H, Einsiedl F, Orsi WD

Frontiers in Microbiology 14, 1063139


Fluid flow stimulates chemoautotrophy in a hydrothermally influenced coastal sediment

Sievert SM, Bühring SI, Gulmann LK, Hinrichs K-U, Pop Ristova P, Gomez-Saez GV

Communications Earth & Env 3:96

Interplay between microbial community composition and dissolved organic matter chemodiversity throughout the Black Sea water column redox gradient

Suominen S, Gomez-Saez GV, Dittmar T, Sinninghe Damsté JS, Villanueva L (2022)

Limnology & Oceanography 67(2)



Carbon assimilating Fungi from surface ocean to subseafloor revealed by coupled phylogenetic and stable isotope analysis

Orsi WD, Vuillemin A, Coskun ÖK, Oertel Y, Niggemann J, Mohrholz V, Gomez-Saez GV (2021)

The ISME journal 16, 1245-1261

Sulfurization of dissolved organic matter in the anoxic water column of the Black Sea

Gomez-Saez GV, Dittmar T, Holtappels M, Pohlabeln AM, Lichtschlag A, Schnetger B, Boetius A, Niggemann J (2021)

Science Advances 7 (25), eabf6199



Imprint of Kairei and Pelagia deep-sea hydrothermal systems (Indian Ocean) on marine dissolved organic matter

Noowong A(1), Gomez-Saez GV(1), Hansen CT, Koschinsky A, Dittmar T (2021) (1: equal contribution)

Organic Geochemistry 152, 104141


Versatile cyanobacteria control the timing and extent of sulfide production in a Proterozoic analog microbial mat

Klatt JM, Gomez-Saez GV, Meyer S, Pop Ristova P, Yilmaz P, Granitsiotis M, Lavik G, Polerecky L, Bühring SI (2020)

The ISME journal 14, 3024-3037 

Soothsaying DOM: A current perspective on the future of oceanic dissolved organic carbon

Wagner S, Schubotz F, Kaiser K, Hallmann C, Waska H, Rossel PE, Hansman R, Elvert M, Middelburg JJ, Engel A, Blattmann TM, Catalá TS, Lennartz ST, Gomez-Saez GV, Pantoja-Gutiérrez S, Bao R, Galy V (2020)

Frontiers in Marine Science 7, 341 


Metabolic activity analyses demonstrate that Lokiarchaeon exhibits homoacetogenesis in sulfidic marine sediments

Orsi WD, Vuillemin A, Rodriguez P, Coskun ÖK, Gomez-Saez GV, Lavik G, Morholz V, Ferdelman TG (2020)

Nature Microbiology 5, 248-255


Photochemical alteration of dissolved organic sulfur from sulfidic porewater

Gomez-Saez GV, Pohlabeln A, Stubbins A, Marsay CM and Dittmar T (2017)

Environmental Science & Technology  51, 24, 14144-14154


Experimental evidence for abiotic sulfurization of marine dissolved organic matter

Pohlabeln A, Gomez-Saez GV, Noriega-Ortega BE and Dittmar T (2017)

Frontiers in Marine Science 4, 362


Relative importance of chemoautotrophy for primary production in a light exposed marine shallow hydrothermal system

Gomez-Saez GV, Pop Ristova P, Sievert SM, Elvert M, Hinrichs K-U, Bühring SI (2017)

Frontiers in Microbiology 8, 702.


Dissolved black carbon in the headwaters-to-ocean continuum of Paraíba do Sul River, Brazil

Marques JSJ, Dittmar T, Niggemann J, Almeida MG, Gomez-Saez GV, Rezende CE (2017)

Frontiers in Earth Science 5, 11



Molecular evidence for abiotic sulfurization of dissolved organic matter in marine shallow hydrothermal systems

Gomez-Saez GV, Niggemann J, Dittmar T, Pohlabeln AM, Lang SQ, Noowong A, Pichler T, Wörmer L, Bühring SI (2016)

Geochim Cosmochim Acta 190, 35-52 

Interaction between iron and dissolved organic matter in a marine shallow hydrothermal system off Dominica Island (Lesser Antilles)

Gomez-Saez GV, Riedel T, Niggemann J, Pichler T, Dittmar T, Bühring SI (2015)

Marine Chemistry 177, 677-686


Identification of geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol in cyanobacteria and molecular detection methods for the producers of these compounds

Suurnäkki S, Gomez-Saez GV, Rantala-Ylinen A, Jokela J, Fewer DP, Sivonen K (2015)

Water Research 68, 56-66 



New structural variants of Aeruginosin produced by the toxic bloom forming cyanobacterium Nodularia spumigena

Fewer DP, Jokela J, Paukku E, Österholm J, Wahlsten M, Perni P, Aitio O, Rouhiainen L, Gomez-Saez GV, Sivonen K (2013)

PLoS ONE 8, 9, e73618

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